K3B Disappointment

I need a fast way of writing an ISO image to CD today. My cdrecord script was malfunctioning since the last upgrade (complained about the wrong usage of device), so I decided to try something new. Quickly did ‘apt-get install k3b‘ from a local server and started it. It correctly detected by CD writer. I was also presented with a clean and polished interface for the choice of files and writing mode (audio/data/mixed). I have selected the ISO 9660 image I wanted to write and clicked ‘Burn’. Progress bar went running the usual path from left to right and in a short time I got an ‘OK. Well done.’ message. I was impressed about how fast and easy all that was… until I mounted the disk. K3B did what it was asked to do – wrote a file on disk. I, though, hoped that it would recognize my needs a little better. Who ever wanted an ISO file on the disk? From what I’ve heard, people usually want a filesystem from ISO image to be there. Bad, bad behaviour.

Since I was in a time pressure, I didn’t have time to go over all the documentation and stuff. I quickly checked through available options, but didn’t find anything related to ISO 9660. Maybe I missed it somewhere.

Anyway, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out the correct options for cdrecord. Back to console.

Update (29 Sep 2004, 4:31am): It turned out I just missed a menu option: Tools::CD::Burn CD Image.

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