Racist archbishop

Cyprus Mail covers interesting commentary from the archbishop Chrysostomos II:

Asked if he would consider backing left-wing AKEL’s candidate Stavros Malas – the Archbishop has openly spoken out against the government’s communist approach – Chrysostomos said, “They have plenty of supporters; they don’t need me; although they may have reduced in numbers now”.

Pressed further if he would ever back a left-wing president, provided they had the same views, the Archbishop replied: “I would even back a black man, if we had the same views.

I’d have to agree with AKEL here:

The statement was not well received by ruling party AKEL, which last night announced it was disappointed with the archbishop’s comments.

The party said it was of the impression that the head of the church should view all members of the flock equally, “whether they are right-wing, left-wing, black or white”.

That should be true for everyone, but especially so for the religious person, who’s lord created everyone equal.

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