Amateur Song Festival on May 15

Picture from ASF 2003
On 15 of May, there will be a second gathering of Amateur Song Festival. Mostly there will be Russian people and, of course, they will song mostly Russian songs. Gathering place hasn’t changed – picnic place of Kakomalis. There are a couple of threads at discussing preparations for the event. Here is the map of the areaa (picnic area signs are around Kalo Chorio village, which is on the Agios Filaxeous exit from the highway).

Last year October’s event was a total success with almost 100 people present. There are a lot of pictures here (I’ve borrowed one for this post). This year there will be more promotion on the radio and in the newspapers, so, theoretically, more people should show up. The only problem that I see is with the date, which clashes with Cyprus stage of the World Rally Championship. I am not sure that I will make it there, but I will try my best.

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