Rock Concert in Nicosia Intercollege on May 22

It came to my attention that there will be a rock concert in the amphitheatre of Intercollege‘s Nicosia campus. Anyone interested should probably call them for information (reception tel.: +357 22-841500).

All I know is that one of the groups will be Katastrofa. This is the first time I hear about this band, but I got fortunate and received some information from one of the members – Andrey Shvachko. Katastrofa was founded in 1997 by two Russians and two Yugoslavians. Nothing special was happening to them until 1999, when after the concert (in the Intercollege again) they have recorded their demo CD with three compositions (distributed by “Virgin” shops). Later their vocalist left Cyprus and the band didn’t have any activity what-so-ever. In 2001 they’ve got a new bass guitar player who became also their vocalist. Katastrofa started to experiment with different styles. In spring of 2003 they performed at Rockathon music festival under the name of “Night & Day Project”. They have few compositions of their own now. They also play music by Led Zeppelin, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Deep Purple, and other well known bands. I’ve also got fortunate enough to get a sample song – “Katastrofa – Mister P.mp3″ (6MB,160Kbps) – very not bad considering the “home made” recording.

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  1. What do you mean the band was doing nothing special. We won twice in the battle of the bands. Yes its me. The former screamer.

  2. Hi, i am the former singer of KATASTROFA. I am writting from Belgrade, Serbia. I am windering, does anyone know what is happening with KATASTROFA. I just finished rekoring the album here ion belgrade under the same name KATASTROFA. THANKS

  3. Mladan, man, as soon as we found out that you’re using the name “Katastrofa”, we don’t use it anywhere anymore. It’s AEON now and we’re playing tonight at another rock fest at Intercollege. Good luck with your album!


  4. Hi Andrey,

    i just came across this saw that you have added some words. I dont have a problem with you using the name, i talked to Aleksander last year, actualy i think its very cool to have 2 bands named KATASTROFA. How are your gigs going.

    Best regards,

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