Road tax and MOT obsolete

The rumour has been going around for some time, but until now I haven’t heard anything credible. linked to an article Cyprus Mail about the new law regarding road tax and MOT paper disks – they are obsolete.  Furthermore, having them displayed can get you in trouble.  Not only they obscure a tiny useless part of your windscreen, but traffic police can issue a 50 EUR fine for you.

The article, dated April 8 2010, says:

Ioannis Nicolaides, Head of Technical Services at the Road Transport department said the law was passed in parliament three weeks ago and came into effect two weeks ago.

This means that quite some time has passed and traffic police can easily switch from warnings to actual fines.

I don’t have MOT displayed on my windscreen, but the road tax I will remove tomorrow morning.  And, also, being a “computer guy” this is just music to my ears:

The discs are now obsolete, as all registration data is computerised and ready to hand for road traffic police.

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