Filoglossia – Learning Greek as a foreign language

Someone pointed out a site of Filoglossia program that helps one learn Greek language. There are 10 lessons on their web site accessible freely. I don’t know how good the software is, but the site looks promising. There both WAV and MP3 versions of all sounds. There are visual materials (animated GIFs). There are both grammar and vocabulary. Few exercises are also present for those who enjoy the challange. :)

Here are few other resources on the subject:

  • Learn Greek at – requires free registration and somewhat slow, but has forums, audio materials in RealAudio, notes, etc.
  • Greek Through The Internet – very simplistic and small. On the good side – there is a nice collection of simple words (numbers, relatives, colors, food, etc) and phrases (Christmas and Easter themes, etc). Worth to note that they provide not only English/Greek interface, but an Italian/Greek one too.
  • There are also few lessons for Russian speakers at Cyprus Advertiser.

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  1. bull shit, on uz its only books to buy, not good lessons, how it used to be on filoglossia, very good site, but not it doesnt open it to me. damm it.

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