Shutter Island

Even though I am a fan of both Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio and most of their works together, I didn’t want to watch “Shutter Island“.  Why?  Because of the trailer.

I saw the trailer several times.  And every time I saw it, I thought exactly the same: “It looks nice, but it’s just not my type of the movie”.  Trailer seemed to show full plot and all the highlights of the movie.  And what I saw wasn’t something to bring me in.

And that’s a pity.  Because I nearly missed an awesome movie!  By pure accident did I go to see it yesterday, and, boy, am I happy that I did!  This film is excellent on every level.  There is a twisted, interesting, and engaging plot.  Just when you thought you got it, it turns and changes, and goes the other way.  Even when you think the movie is at the end and you know how it will end, it ends in a totally different unpredictable way.

On top of that there is a rich visual layer.  Scenes go back and forward between a very desaturated, almost grey-and-white setting to very vivid colours and shapes and textures.  And it happens in a very balanced matter.  It’s not a colourful film, but it’s not a black-and-white either.  Colours swing together with plot twists and character moods.  And music.

And speaking of characters, there was some amazing acting.  The cast is fantastic and these are just the people to see in the film like this.

In short, do yourself a favour – go see this film.  You’ll get a little something extra from watching it on the big screen.  5 out of 5.

5 thoughts on “Shutter Island”

  1. Watched it on DVD. Scorsese and DiCaprio are great, movie is great. But there is something repulsive. Definitely not going to watch it again and not recommended to do that impressionable people. Dark mood for the next few days is ensured.

    1. I don't agree with the mood bit. In fact, like with many other films that have twisted plots, when I left the cinema yesterday, I wanted to see the movie once again immediately – so that I could go through it with a different perspective, knowing how it will all end.

      I wasn't laughing or anything, but the movie leaves a very positive impression.

  2. Shutter Island was a rather good movie. Personally I liked it because it had Leonardo DeCaprio!! :P That says a lot doesn't it? lol!!

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