Finding Nemo

Today is really cold. But it’s a strange kind of cold. You don’t know it, until you freeze to death. Sneaky. :)

Me and Olga went out for some low-lite photography and did exactly that – we got frozen. Actually, Olga did. But she looked so cold that I could almost feel it.

Then we met with Hazard and tried to get ourselves into movies, but that was still too early and too kid-crowded. So we went to Hazard and whached a show on video and then “Finding Nemo“. That’s a new animation from Pixar studio. Better then the previous one, as usual. The animation though should be ranked PG-13 as it’s kind of intense and sometimes scary. Those who want to argue, consider the fact that a loving mother and her 399 newly born babies were killed withing the first 2 minutes into the movie. That’s almost as bloody as Rambo or Terminator. Mine fields, dead ships, sharks and other huge-teeth fish full of tricks, jelly fish… That’s not for infants. For everyone else – highly recommended. :)

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