A quick session with Lev in the Chesters Bar was everything it was a part from being quick. :) Chesters is running a campaign of “Warming Up For Chirstmas” or something like that – they have live music daily (except Friday) for the whole pre-Christmas week. Every day a different band is playing. Carlsberg promotion is running smoothly hand in hand. Again. It becomes a tradition now, that Lev and I go to Chesters during Christmas, find a Carlsberg promotion there and win all the prizes. This year it was a couple of hats and a bag. Whatever. Nice time!

By the way, the bend was kind of semi-cool. There was a nice guy doing keyboard and back vocal. He was OK. Another woman with an interesting voice, but I’ say she would be better with another woman, then with the black guy, who had this deep, blues-kind of voice. They were happilly killing each other, but that was their choice. :)

Lots of pictures were made in “Manual” mode, which kind of spoiled most of them, since they came out blurred and/or underexposed. Tough light. Dark, with lots of movement. Flash would have spoiled everything. Without a flash there was nothing to see. Especially the black guy was masquarading nicely on the pictures. :)

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