Shattered Glass

Watched “Shattered Glass” on DVD.

This is an excellent movie about this journalist in a major magazine, who was fabricating parts of full texts of articles. It is based on a real story, and even names the names to point out the guilty ones. Stephen Glass did, indeed, work for The New Republican and he did, indeed, all the fabrication that was talked about in the movie. Here is a link to CBS News article for you.

This film pushes one to think about all the trust people put in mass media, and wheather they should do so or not. It shows, how the “never-lying” mass media consists of the same people as all the rest and how unprotected it is from human errors, both accidental and intentional. What missing, is a coverage of online journalism which grew up a lot lately.

Anyway, back to the movie. The movie has interesting and somewhat original story. Story telling was nice too. Good acting was delivered by all the major characters (all The New Republican stuff, etc). Camera work and photography were average, but it didn’t matter all that much.

8 out of 10 is a fair grade, imho.

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