Back. Forth. And back again.

I am screwing around with my picture gallery yet again. It’s been through a lot of permutations and it’ll still have to see some more.

I am moving off the Gallery and back to Dave’s album. This time though Dave’s album will have some heavy weight support from KimDaBa.

By now I am convinced that there is just no software package which works the same way I do. Each assumes a different workflow, but it’s never mine. So instead of moving back and forth, I should use the combination of programs that solves my needs.

KimDaBa is an outstanding image manipulation software. It’s just what I need for sorting pictures, tagging them, identifying people and locations, slideshows, etc. It supports exporting to HTML, but not the way I want it to. Dave’s album on the other hand is perfect for web albums. At least to the level that I need. It doesn’t do much of the rest though.

The good thing is that both KimDaBa and Dave’s album support plugins, have extensive documentation, and are Open Source. That means that customizing either one of them will be much easier than it could have been in other cases.

So, things will be shaky for the next few days, but I hope that you won’t notice any major evil.

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