Friday. Since I have been in the NOC during the night shift, I had most of the day to myself. Morning started with a quick visit to the doctor together with Olga. Doc reassured us that recovery is proceeding normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Breakfast and a visit to the bookshop. That’s an experience I don’t have more often then something like once in 5 years. Mostly I get all my books from Amazon or from the college library. At least I used to. Bookshops haven’t changed much during the last 5 years that I’ve been ignoring them. Same all staff. Postcards, pocket novels of the tasteless fame, dictionaries, notepads, and few best-sellers like “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings”. And few shelves of Stephen King, of course. :) In the whole bookshop, I managed to find only three books about photograhy. One of them was in Greek, so it doesn’t count. I bought both others. One of them looks really nice, with hard cover and lots of nice pictures inside. It’s called “The Essential Photography Manual” by Tim Daly. I’ve heard it being recommended few times over here and there. Paid 25 pounds for it, and so far read about one third – entertaining, easy and informative. Very nice. The other book is “The Compact and Digital Camera Handbook” by Daniel Lezano. It’s a small format, soft cover and doesn’t look all that impressive, but it was only 10 pounds, so I got it just in case. :)

Most of the afternoon I’ve spent designing and developing the new version of the site, playing Quake 3 and doing other useless stuff. :)

In the evening, I went for low-light photography session, which turned out to be a complete failure… Well, apart from maybe one or two pictures. I’ll need more practice here, for sure. Anyway, it did bring some nice experiences. I learnt few more useful things about exposure control.

Picked up Lev from office and we went out for a beer. First, we decided to check out on that brewery thing that was so popular with us in summer. Unfortunately, it was closed at the time we came. They were getting ready for the “Beer Day”-special opening at 21:00. That’s rather stupid, if you ask me. Opening this late in the evening on a moderately cold Friday won’t result in all your tables occupied. And you don’t have to be BA major to understand that. :)

Instead of waiting for more then an hour, we opted with Bavarian Delicatessen place. It’s a small German shop and caffe with meat, cheese, and, should I say, beer.

After a couple of hours there, we moved to my place and watched “Resident Evil“. It is one of those few million movies about deadly virus, underground labs, mutations, zombies and a SWAT or some other special forces team rescuing something noone knows what. It is also, I think, related to in some way to the computer game. Anyway, the story is pretty boring, but the movie is somewhat stylish and nicely done, so if you are into this kind of movies, then get it and watch it. :)

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