Web Developer Tools from Browserling


Browserling – an awesome cross-browser testing service, has a collection of Web Developer Tools, which are as simple to use as possible.  There are now more than 80 (!!!) tools, according to this Peteris Krumins blog post, that provide immediate help with things like converting dates and times, formats like CSV, JSON, Markdown, HTML, XML, etc, generating passwords, minimizing or prettifying HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

10k Apart – Inspiring the Web with Just 10k

10k apart

From this article, I’ve learned about an excellent (for our times) 10k Apart competition:

With so much of an emphasis on front-end frameworks and JavaScript runtimes, it’s time to get back to basics—back to optimizing every little byte like your life depends on it and ensuring your site can work, no matter what. The Challenge? Build a compelling web experience that can be delivered in 10kB and works without JavaScript.

Think you’ve got what it takes? You have until September 30th.

I can’t wait to see the submissions and all the ways to squeeze the awesomeness of the modern web into just 10 kilobytes.  This reminds me of the Perl Golf posts over at PerlMonks and Assembly PC 64K Intro from my childhood early days (here are some examples).

CSS Hamburgers

After spending years and years in close proximity to web and user interface design, I’m still amazed sometimes at a variety of ways to solve even the simplest of problems.  The growth of the web users on mobile devices has brought us the hamburger icon, which usually hides the collapsed navigation menu.  It looks like this:


Now, when you click on that, something happens.  The menu expands or collapses, usually.  But what you don’t often notice is a tiny bit of animation that is applied to the icon itself.  Here is a collection of such animations.  There are 14 different effects, both in 2D and 3D.  Wow!

css hamburgers

Material Design for Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap + Google Material Design = Material Design for Bootstrap :

300+ material UI elements, 1000+ material icons, 74 CSS animations, helpers, templates, SASS files and many more.

All fully responsive. All compatible with different browsers.

Some components are commercial, but the prices for the PRO version are very affordable:

  • Personal Single Site / Application : $29
  • Developer Multiple Sites / Applications : $69
  • Corporate Multiple Sites / Applications : $199

Bootstrap 4 alpha release

Bootstrap 4 alpha has been released.  After a few more alphas, and a couple of betas, we’ll have a new and much improved Twitter Bootstrap.  Though it seems like just yesterday I was looking forward to the release of Bootstrap 3.

Can you imagine that Bootstrap is only 4 years old?  It feels like I’ve been using it forever.  And the rest of the Internet seems to agree…