Compilation-installation-testing day. Compressed quoting in tin finally pissed me of, and I’ve built mutt RPM with NNTP support (vvv.nntp patch). Using mutt-1.5.3 was also a good excuse for the CPU cycles. Once I start, I am unstoppable, so mozilla’s new 1.3 beta release didn’t have to wait too long. Font aliasing is a new concept for myself.. err, for my eyes. I’ll keep it for a couple of days, and if it won’t start unblurring, I’ll build it without xft staff.

Looks like I also have a night of php programming of LDAP web interfaces in front of me. Heh, well, ok.

Random bits

Today I did have the first production restore using amanda. It went like a charm. I’ve spent some time with Red Hat Network today, since updates were coming faster then I could put them – kernel, php, openldap, kerberos, xpdf, etc.

Half of the day was spent on a somewhat lengthy presentation by HP guys. Few of them were local, rest came from Greece. Nice talk about HP itself, hardware (mostly Proliant servers and blades), and software (mostly OpenView). Few of them were rather impressed by our home-grown solution based on Nagios (aka Netsaint), MRTG, RT help desk, tkined/scotty, mtr, and few other tools (maybe later I will fill in the links, but now I am too lazy and tired).


Monday… I hate mondays… I hate mondays more with every next monday. First, I just didn’t like them. Then I run mkfs.ext3 on a wrong partition exactly at the same time as the tape library chews the latest backup. After a hard-working weekend. Next monday I get tornado with twisters and few huge garbage bins flying around my new car. If that still seems not enough, next monday (today), I get snow (!!!) and a drunk bird which kisses the window right in front of me in full speed. I think it dropped dead down. Maybe it’s alive. I don’t care. I just hate mondays soooo much…


Freaky tornado came over and ruined a good part of our office’s neighborhood. Four of five twisters were going around our office building destroying shops and offices, blowing off roofs, breaking glass, and the like. Luckily we were not damaged at all. Luckily no deaths. About 30 people with light injuries.