HTTP/1.1 just got a major update – somehow I missed this last month.

The IETF just published several new RFCs that update HTTP/1.1:

These documents make the original specification for HTTP/1.1 obsolete. As a HTTP geek, this is a big deal.

RFC 2616, which was written more than 15 years ago, was the specification everybody has implemented, and I suspect many of you occassionally have used as a reference.

Migrating Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 to 3.0

For those of us who are starting to look into Twitter Bootstrap 3.0  for new projects and possible migration of old projects from Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 to 3.0, I found a couple of good resources.   Firstly, this very brief StackOverflow discussion on what has changed between the versions.  And secondly, this really nice migration guide.

If only there was an automation tool that works for me… A few were mentioned in this StackOverflow discussion, but none did anything sensible on my projects.  I guess I’ll have to roll out my own, or use some manual labour in combination with powerful search-and-replace tools.

PHP Fine Diff – PHP library to diff strings.  I’ve tried a few different implementations and all of them either required an external diff program couldn’t render HTML, or failed to due to enormous resource usage.  PHP Fine Diff does all I need and does it fast.   It’s also rediculously easy to use:

$fineDiff = new FineDiff($strOrig, $strNew);
$htmlDiff = $findDiff->renderDiffToHTML();

Found via this StackOverflow discussion.