DVD collection update

I bought a few more DVDs using Martin’s special offer (1 DVD for 7 CYP, 5 DVDs for 30 CYP, 10 DVDs for 50 CYP). This time I got the 10 DVDs pack. Here is a list of movies:

  • Lethal Weapon full collection (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4). This is an all time classic of criminal action with elements of comedy. I don’t know how many times I saw all of these movies, but I’ll sure see them some more. Actually I started with part 1 already.
  • American History X – one of the best movies about racism and nationalism. Ever.
  • Requem for a Dream – one of the best movies about drugs. Ever.
  • Beyond Borders. This one is not as highly ranked as others, but it is very inspirational to me.
  • Enemy at the Gates – because I just love sniper movies. And because this is a really good movie on its own.
  • Fight Club. Do I even have to comment about it?
  • Man on Fire – one of the best action movies that were released recently.

Update: I should sleep more or learn how to count to ten. Missed “Man on Fire”. Fixed.

Movies to see

I am starting to lose track of films that I would like to see. I have them written down all over the place – in my phone’s notes and organizer, in the emails to myself, in the blog, on the numerous pieces of paper everywhere. Some I try to remember…

It is obvious that I will never organize myself to put all of them in one place. Instead I will try to compile individual notes and messages into some sort of heaps. One of these piles will be here. Internet is a truly magical thing and I have it available almost everywhere I go, so it seems like a good idea to use it for this purpose.

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P800 encounter

Sony Ericsson P800Friend of mine passed by with his new phone. Now, that’s so close to something I was looking for for a long time… I’ll get it with the next salary (or so I hope) – Sony Ericsson P800. Things which attract my attention are: advanced organizer with tasks and notes (finally!), digital camera, mp3 player, Opera browser, Java support, wireless handset with voice dialing (wow!), and stereo headphones for music and games. Now, that’s about as much as a man can ask for. The cost is acceptable too… one of the mentions I’ve seen was roughly 250 British pounds.


Here is a list of things I want to have. It is here mostly for myself (reminder), but it might also prove helpful to my friends and family. :) If you suddenly feel like sending me a gift, my shipping address is:

Emmanouil Rouidi, Kirzis Center,
Block E, flat 12,
3031, Limassol, Cyprus

All items here are in no particular order.

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