DVD collection update

I bought a few more DVDs using Martin’s special offer (1 DVD for 7 CYP, 5 DVDs for 30 CYP, 10 DVDs for 50 CYP). This time I got the 10 DVDs pack. Here is a list of movies:

  • Lethal Weapon full collection (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4). This is an all time classic of criminal action with elements of comedy. I don’t know how many times I saw all of these movies, but I’ll sure see them some more. Actually I started with part 1 already.
  • American History X – one of the best movies about racism and nationalism. Ever.
  • Requem for a Dream – one of the best movies about drugs. Ever.
  • Beyond Borders. This one is not as highly ranked as others, but it is very inspirational to me.
  • Enemy at the Gates – because I just love sniper movies. And because this is a really good movie on its own.
  • Fight Club. Do I even have to comment about it?
  • Man on Fire – one of the best action movies that were released recently.

Update: I should sleep more or learn how to count to ten. Missed “Man on Fire”. Fixed.

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