Epic Bitcoin Resource List

Anything you wanted to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency in general, and Bitcoin in particular, you can find on this epic Bitcoint resource list.

Wow!  Even just reading the titles of the resources needs some time and dedication.

On having resources

I found this excellent illustration somewhere in my social networking streams.  Don’t know who is the author, but this is absolute genius.  Until now, I’ve been using a rather outdated example of “brand new Pentium IV computer to play solitaire“.   This one is so much better though.

New Cyprus resource – kipr.info

There is yet another promising resource about Cyprus – kipr.info. It started off as collection of information and links about Cyprus. Currently, everything seems to be in Russian, but maybe later some English content will be added. The good thing is that the site is using DokuWiki engine, which means that everyone can register, login and update any available information and add some new.

Keep it bookmarked. And it has an RSS feed too.