Puzzle Montage Art by Tim Klein

Here’s something really awesome – Puzzle Montage Art by Tim Klein.

Jigsaw puzzle manufacturers often use the same die-cut pattern for many different puzzles. This makes the pieces interchangeable. As a result, I sometimes find that I can combine portions from two or more puzzles from the same publisher, to make a surreal picture that the publisher never imagined. I take great pleasure in “discovering” such bizarre images lying latent, sometimes for decades, within the cardboard boxes of ordinary mass-produced puzzles.

Via kottke.org.

Where’s the fish?

A colleague shared with me the link to this Einstein’s riddle.  It looks easy at first, but it actually isn’t.  I’ve tried a couple of different models to solve it, but haven’t figured it out yet.  Something tells me that if I remembered Prolog from my college days, I would have solved it in about 3 minutes.  But I don’t.  So pieces of paper and text files it is.  If that won’t be enough until lunch time today, I’ll start doing something in PHP or Perl…


Update: Solved it!  My initial model of addition wasn’t right. Subtraction worked much better.