Effective Presentations Using Applied Logical Fallacies

Effective Presentations Using Applied Logical Fallacies” is yet another reminder of logical fallacies, brain shortcuts, and psychological misbehavior that is often taken advantage of by speakers, presenters, and other people trying to convince an audience of something.

Where’s the fish?

A colleague shared with me the link to this Einstein’s riddle.  It looks easy at first, but it actually isn’t.  I’ve tried a couple of different models to solve it, but haven’t figured it out yet.  Something tells me that if I remembered Prolog from my college days, I would have solved it in about 3 minutes.  But I don’t.  So pieces of paper and text files it is.  If that won’t be enough until lunch time today, I’ll start doing something in PHP or Perl…


Update: Solved it!  My initial model of addition wasn’t right. Subtraction worked much better.