Petrol prices across Cyprus

Cyrpus Mail runs an article about some ‘name and shame’ list that the government is assembling for petrol stations across the country.  And interesting bit there is the paragraph that compares petrol prices:

In Larnaca petrol 95 costs €0998 while in Limassol it is €1.022. Petrol 98 costs €0.999 in Larnaca and €1.058 in Limassol. Diesel will set you back €0.893 in Larnaca and €0.969 in Paphos.

The cheapest petrol is in Larnaca.  Not that I am too surprised with this fact, but rather by how much difference there is – more than 5 cents per litre!

Question: Fuel vs. Internet

What do you spend more more on: your Internet connection bills or your car’s fuel?  Use monthly periods. How does that change if you consider all extras for your Internet connection (web hosting and other web services, extra services from your ISP, extra bandwidth utilization charges, etc) and extras for your car maintenance (oil, service, car wash, etc)?

(I came up with these questions while reviewing my spending statistics at Wesabe, which is an excellent service.  The basis for comparison of fuel to Internet connection lies in both of these being vital for many modern citizens, while they are currently mutually exclusive – you don’t use Internet while driving and you don’t use your car while using the Internet.  Not just yet.) 

Renewed car insurance

This post is just for historical reasons, so you might want to skip.

I have renewed my car insurance today and paid 133 CYP. That’s 23 CYP more than I paid the last year, although the car and drivers are still the same, and there were no accidents for my insurance company to pay up. The reason for the increase I was told is country-wide and has something to do with matching insurance prices with the rest of Europe. I’ve heard this from other people before, so it might be true. Although I think that it has more to do with the continues grows of traffic accidents per person in this country. Insurance companies have to get money from somewhere to pay constantly.

Deep Purple update: Tickets.

Tickets for Deep Purple are available in Limassol. They are sold in the DVD club called Musical Paradise which is on Griva Digeni street, opposite Petrolina petrol station and Sigma bakery. Tickets are 25 CYP a piece. There is no seat, row or any other position marker on the ticket and all tickets are at the same price. The concert starts at 21:00 on Friday, July 15th 2005. Yes, this coming Friday!

I’ve got mine already. Next question is: How do I find that place in Nicosia (Eleftheria Stadium) where they will be performing? Is it that stadium at the entrance to the city?