Technology helping criminals

The Next Web reports that a Dutch insurance company is warning its clients to not blog or Twitter their vacations.

According to the company criminals are using social networking tools to find possible victims. In the past, these criminals used to check mailboxes (full mailbox = probably away for the week) which houses they could break into. Now they use digital means to find their victims.

While I understand the concern, I don’t agree with it.  Technology is a just a tool, making people more efficient at certain things.  If you don’t blog or Twitter your vacation plans, there’s still a billion ways to find out about them.

Criminals have been doing their stuff for years.  And if they don’t mind digging through the social networks and geo-locating your house, they definitely don’t mind talking to your neighbours, colleagues, and family, calling your home and mobile phones, monitoring your entrance door, and whatever else it takes to break-in and steal stuff from you.

Does the technology make it easier for them? Maybe for some and not for the other.  But regardless, if you want to let your friends and family know that you won’t be available in the next few days, because you are going on vacations, I think you should.  If you think that your blog, Twitter, or any other social network is the appropriate tool for that, then use it.

I’m all for keeping it safe and all, but I’d hate to live with constant fear of becoming a victim.  Stuff happens, and often we don’t have control over it.  But it’s not a good enough reason to lock ourselves in the basement.

Renewed car insurance

This post is just for historical reasons, so you might want to skip.

I have renewed my car insurance today and paid 133 CYP. That’s 23 CYP more than I paid the last year, although the car and drivers are still the same, and there were no accidents for my insurance company to pay up. The reason for the increase I was told is country-wide and has something to do with matching insurance prices with the rest of Europe. I’ve heard this from other people before, so it might be true. Although I think that it has more to do with the continues grows of traffic accidents per person in this country. Insurance companies have to get money from somewhere to pay constantly.

Hit and run

I was sitting at home, watching movies and minding my own business, when Martin called me and told that I should come out. I wasn’t in the mood, I was in the middle of the film, and it was too hot outside, so I said no. But he insisted. His argument was very convincing – someone hit my car.

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