Deep Purple update: Tickets.

Tickets for Deep Purple are available in Limassol. They are sold in the DVD club called Musical Paradise which is on Griva Digeni street, opposite Petrolina petrol station and Sigma bakery. Tickets are 25 CYP a piece. There is no seat, row or any other position marker on the ticket and all tickets are at the same price. The concert starts at 21:00 on Friday, July 15th 2005. Yes, this coming Friday!

I’ve got mine already. Next question is: How do I find that place in Nicosia (Eleftheria Stadium) where they will be performing? Is it that stadium at the entrance to the city?

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  1. Alexander Avanesov and I spent about an hour figuring out where this Eleftheria stadium is. Hint – Googling will not help ;)

    It turned out that Eleftheria is a covered stadium inside the big stadium near the Cyprus International Fair grounds.

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