Question: Fuel vs. Internet

What do you spend more more on: your Internet connection bills or your car’s fuel?  Use monthly periods. How does that change if you consider all extras for your Internet connection (web hosting and other web services, extra services from your ISP, extra bandwidth utilization charges, etc) and extras for your car maintenance (oil, service, car wash, etc)?

(I came up with these questions while reviewing my spending statistics at Wesabe, which is an excellent service.  The basis for comparison of fuel to Internet connection lies in both of these being vital for many modern citizens, while they are currently mutually exclusive – you don’t use Internet while driving and you don’t use your car while using the Internet.  Not just yet.) 

5 thoughts on “Question: Fuel vs. Internet”

  1. Personally, I definitely spend more on fuel. First of all, I have all those trips to Nicosia few times a week which makes around 1000km/week of trips, second is that all places I use internet at I don’t pay internet bills :)

  2. No problem :)

    Hmm…. I thouthgt you used something else too. I myself pay for a few domains, web hosting for most of them, a few Flickr accounts, Subversion hosting, and probably something else that I don’t remember from the top of my head. Together with my Internet connection bills all these are pretty much the same as what I pay for fuel. But I don’t drive as much as I use Internet though…

  3. My main domain is a subdomain of yours (once again :) ), and others are free. I am not using hosting (keeping my stuff on my servers, though will not argue if this is good or bad), and I am not using paid services as far as I remember. It is good that Google stuff is free :)

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