It’s been a while since I wrote  a movie review.  This is mostly because with all the crappy films that came out recently, I lost my inspiration for a bit.  I’m glad to report that my inspiration is back on track.   How could it not be, with the film like “Inception“, which I went to see in the movies on Saturday night?

We, the non-14-years-old audience, were waiting for this or similar movie for a really long time now.  It’s everything you want from a movie and more – it’s smart, it’s engaging, it’s entertaining, it’s thought-provoking, it’s pleasant to look at, and it gives you something to talk about for days after.  I’ve heard plenty of positive reviews of this movie.  And I’m sure I haven’t heard even a tiny bit of them – currently the film is #3 in IMDB’s Top 250 films of all times.

For me personally, the movie was quite a surprise.  It is similar in different details to so many other movies, yet it is unique, standing on its own, and way better than most.  While a lot of people, of course me included, enjoyed the twisted story, I was mostly taken away by the visuals.  The combination of great visual effects and outstanding photography are break-taking.  It is on par with the bullet-time photography of “The Matrix”, adjusted for a years that pasted.  In particular – two scenes that were jaw-dropping: bending of the city, which is partially seen on the poster, and the fight in the hotel corridor.  During these two scenes I almost totally forgot what the movie was about – it looked so great, that I had a huge “Wow!” sign occupying all space inside my head.

I’ll say even more.  Do you remember when the “Avatar” movie came out?  It was great, wasn’t it?  But you had to use the 3D glasses which were annoying, and you sorta had to see the movie, because there was so much hype about it.  These two things for me were a bit offsetting.  I was expected it to be great.  I had to force myself to wear the glasses.  “Inception” on the other hand was totally unexpected, and it came in 2D (thank you whoever made that decision).  I went to see a twisted story with Leonardo DiCaprio, and I what I got out of it was so much more.

Anyways, I can talk about this movie for hours.  But I’d rather do it with people who saw it.  So, don’t miss out your chance – movies of this superb quality don’t come out that often.  Do yourself a favor and see it in the cinema.  It pretty much requires the big screen.  It’s so good that I’ll probably go see it again, and end up buying a DVD or something.

Absolutely a 5 out of 5.  Highly recommended.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

The other day I went to see “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra“, which turned out to be the silliest movie I’ve watched in a while.  Numerous special effects could feel the holes in the story and poor acting.  And further down the road, all those special effects became nothing else but annoying.  Things were flying back and forward, exploding, and flying more, without any reference to what is actually going on.  Sometime it was even impossible to tell where the action is taking place – in space, high in the air, just above the ground, or under water.

On top of that, the dialogues were really awkward and unnatural with extreme levels of naivety. There was a chance for violence to redeem the film, but PG-13 cut all those changes.

Overall, the film is quite empty and visually tiring.  2 stars.



The other day I went to see “Killshot“.  Enjoyed it quite a bit.  It’s not the movie that you’d want to buy on DVD and see a few times, or be much interested in the “making of …”.  But it makes for a good movie time in the cinema.

The film is an interesting mix of crime and drama.  Crime movies are well known for the “easy kills”, where people die during the course of the film with audience not paying much attention to it.  Every dead person is just an obstacle on the way – gone when dead.  In “Killshot” it’s different.  People, both good and bad, have lives, have their own ways to live them, solve their own problems.  And they all of them get into this situations where they don’t necessarily want to be.  And those situation change them, affect the way they live their lives…

It’s nice to see Mikky Rourke on the big screen again.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt played really well too.  The rest tried but dialogues were a bit setting them off.

Overall, a 7 out of 10.