The other day I went to see “Killshot“.  Enjoyed it quite a bit.  It’s not the movie that you’d want to buy on DVD and see a few times, or be much interested in the “making of …”.  But it makes for a good movie time in the cinema.

The film is an interesting mix of crime and drama.  Crime movies are well known for the “easy kills”, where people die during the course of the film with audience not paying much attention to it.  Every dead person is just an obstacle on the way – gone when dead.  In “Killshot” it’s different.  People, both good and bad, have lives, have their own ways to live them, solve their own problems.  And they all of them get into this situations where they don’t necessarily want to be.  And those situation change them, affect the way they live their lives…

It’s nice to see Mikky Rourke on the big screen again.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt played really well too.  The rest tried but dialogues were a bit setting them off.

Overall, a 7 out of 10.

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