Just watched “The Matador“, which turned out to be an entertaining movie.  It’s one of those few films which switches back and forward all the time.  The moment you think that this is going to be a spy movie, the spy atmosphere disappears.  Then you assume it’ll have some action, and all action is gone.  Then you start seeing drama in it, and the moment you realize that, the drama changes into comedy.  But the second you smile wide for a joke, the jokes are gone and the film goes into something else.  The story twists, the genre changes, the tempo swings back and side.  And that all makes it interesting to watch.

Technically, it’s done nicely.  There are only a few characters and they are played well.  Directing is nice.  Camera is nice.  Sound score is nice.  There is nothing there which is exceptional or amazing, but whatever is there is of a good quality and fits nicely with the rest of the parts.

Overall rating, 4 stars.  Solid good.


It’s always a pity to see a movie with a nice idea, which hasn’t been fully developed.  “Unknown” is one such movie.  It started off pretty good, but there was just not enough suspense and acting to pull it through.  It became boring and unimportant pretty soon, but the idea shined through the whole movie.  I wish there was more work done on this but now it’s a bit too late.  Maybe someone else will pick it up and redo.

6 out of 10.