True Grit

Without waiting for local cinemas to catch up with the rest of the world, I got my hands on a copy of “True Grit” – a new movie by Coen brothers, of who I am a big fan.

Every film they do is different from every other, and is a masterpiece of its own.  “True Grit” follows the pattern.  It is a western, with beautiful and authentic cinematics, colorful characters, excellent acting, and simple, yet unique story telling.  The story itself is simple and straightforward – there are no twists as such.  But it tells the story of people with character, courage, and will.  It tells the story of the days that have long past, yet which is applicable to modern days.  It shows people who lived in a very different world, yet were so similar to us.

A 5 out of 5 from me and a recommendation for home collection – you’ll want to see it this movie more than once.


It’s always a pity to see a movie with a nice idea, which hasn’t been fully developed.  “Unknown” is one such movie.  It started off pretty good, but there was just not enough suspense and acting to pull it through.  It became boring and unimportant pretty soon, but the idea shined through the whole movie.  I wish there was more work done on this but now it’s a bit too late.  Maybe someone else will pick it up and redo.

6 out of 10.