Running P.T. update

It’s almost two month since I got back to the gym.  At first I started with the same program that I end up with last time.  For more than a month I was pushing and pulling weights up and down, back and forward.  Somehow, it didn’t feel the same.  It was much harder and results were much weaker, no matter how hard I tried.  That was a bit offsetting.

Then I did something very smart.  I talked to Uncle Vova – my coach, trainer, and P.T. advisor. He resolved plenty of my doubts. Aparently, doing weightlifting in the morning is not the same as doing the same weightlifting in the afternoon. The body needs to wake up and get prepared.

Since I can’t go the gym in the middle of the day with my current time table, but only in the mornings, Uncle Vova suggested that I change the program a bit. I listened hard, but than I changed it even further for my personal feeling.

Now I just run. I go to the gym about 8:30 in the morning and I run. When I can’t run anymore, I have a small break doing some other exercises (no weights though). After about 10-15 minutes I go back to running. And that’s it. But I do it every working day (Monday-Friday) for the last two and a half weeks.

The first week that I did this, I could run only about 1-1.2 km during the first time, and then another 0.5-0.75 km during the second time. Today I did 2.25 km for the first run and 0.75 for the second.

I feel that running works better for me. My mood goes up, I’m full of energy for the rest of the day, I have no pains, and I have some gains. I see (and feel) the progress every (and I mean every) day. And progress stimulates me…

Note to myself: consult with people in the know regularly. Listen to what they say.