Back to the gym

After being way too busy for the last 8 month or so, I’m finally back to the gym.  Today was my first day.


  • I decided to take things slowly for the first few times, to avoid pains and passing outs like I had the last time.  I did 1.2 km run today and did a few small exercises here and there.  No weights yet.
  • Paid for the next 6 month.  It’s cheaper now (140 CYP) than it used to be (169 CYP).
  • My schedule is going to be different this time.  I’ll be going to the gym in the morning, about 8:30am, right after I drive Maxim to kindergarten, and before I go the office.
  • I didn’t gain as much weight as I thought I would.  I came in at 107.3 kg.  I though I was over 110 kg already, but apparently I was wrong. Good.

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