Involuntary loss of Cyprus citizenship

Immigration blog reminds that there are a few ways to lose Cyprus citizenship involuntarily (for those who got it via naturalization):

  • Citizenship was gained under fraud or false statements.
  • Person commits acts of disloyalty to the government of Cyprus.
  • Person, within five years of being naturalized, begins to live continually abroad without registering with the Cypriot Consul.

It’s good to keep in mind, just in case…

Citizenship update

I went to Nicosia today to check upon my Cyprus citizenship case. It appears that it arrived to the final destination only yesterday (“Coinsedence? I think not!”). The kind lady, to who I spoke, will have to prepare the final report for the ministry and the minister to base the final decision upon. (How many times did I use the word “final” here?) The report preparation should take less than a week. Then – who knows?

I managed to get her name and phone number to get in contact directly, so, hopefully, I won’t have to travel back and forth between Limassol and Nicosia.


Maxim’s citizenship. Attempt No. 1

The time came for Maxim to get his citizenship. I was trying to delay this moment as much as I could. I am waiting for the news from my Cyprus citizenship case that is in processing for more than two years now. And, naturally, I was hoping to get the Cypriot citizenship and pass it on to Maxim.

Unfortunately, it can’t wait no more and we have to arrange for the Russian citizenship for him too.

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