Headless CMS: REST vs JSON:API vs GraphQL

Headless CMS: REST vs JSON:API vs GraphQL” is an interesting comparison of the REST, JSON:API, and GraphQL:

In this blog post, we will compare REST, JSON:API and GraphQL. First, we’ll look at an architectural, CMS-agnostic comparison, followed by evaluating some Drupal-specific implementation details.

GitGuardian API Security Best Practices

The team behind GitGuardian, a tool that helps developers to keep credentials and other secrets outside of the source code, shares their documentation for the API security best practices.

The cool bit about their documentation is that it covers both how to avoid the issues and how to solve them if they happened.

Picking the right API Paradigm

There are not many people who I trust on the subject of API design like I do Phil Sturgeon. He has been a prominent speaker both online and at numerous conferences, covering a variety of problems, solutions, and approaches in the API design domain.

In one of his recent blog posts, he shared a diagram (see above) which provides a clear illustration on which API paradigm – REST, GraphQL, or RPC – one should pick for a web application, based on a variety of criteria.

I think this is probably the simplest of all the explanations I’ve seen around.

12 Best API Monitoring Tools for Your Business

12 Best API Monitoring Tools for Your Business” lists a bunch of services that are useful for the monitoring of your API.  Read the whole thing for more details.  Here’s the list of the services covered:

Crell/ApiProblem – a simple implementation of the api-problem specification

I’ve been working with REST/RESTful APIs for a while now.  They are usually a lot better than the SOAP or XML-RPC stuff we had before.  But they are also not perfect.  Error handling and reporting is a common area between many implementations that needs more attention and consistency.  Turns out, there is, I’ve just somehow never heard of it – RFC7807 defines “Problem Details for HTTP APIs”.

I’ll need to look more into this and see if and how it is better than a variety of things I’m using now.  Gladly, there is even a PHP library to help with that – Crell/ApiProblem:

This library provides a simple and straightforward implementation of the IETF Problem Details for HTTP APIs, RFC 7807.

RFC 7807 is a simple specification for formatting error responses from RESTful APIs on the web. This library provides a simple and convenient way to interact with that specification. It supports generating and parsing RFC 7807 messages, in both JSON and XML variants.