Harry Brown

Yesterday I watched “Harry Brown“.  It is a very dramatic crime movie with Michael Caine playing the main character.  If I were to describe this film in the shortest possible way, I’d say it is an English version of the American movie “Grand Torino” with Clint Eastwood.  It is not the same – the story is different, the circumstances are different, the outcome is different.  But they have the same theme – an old man, retired decorated veteran, taking measures in their own hands, after the younger generation going nuts and the rest of the world not paying any attention to it or not being able to control it.

While I really did enjoy “Grand Torino” – only now I realized that I haven’t reviewed it, which I will correct shortly – I think that “Harry Brown” is a better movie on this particular subject.  It is more dramatic, it shows the problem better, and it is not as much drag to watch.  There is some and much needed action in it too, unlike “Grand Torino”, which is purely a drama movie.

Even though both films seem to be shot on a low budget, at least compared to current Hollywood budgets, neither one of them looks cheap.   But this type of movies are not there for their special effects.  They illustrate the problems with the society.  They make you think.  And they also make you enjoy the acting.  Excellent acting is the backbone of “Harry Brown”.  Each and every character in this film is full and complete.  Each and every character is as realistic as it gets.  And in case of the young criminals and drug addicts maybe a tiny bit too realistic.  Some of the worst scumbags are shown as they are – the point where you think it’s OK to bypass the whole institution of criminal law and head directly to the right and wrong approach.

Overall, a very strong movie which gives both something to think about and something to experience.  Highly recommended.  5 out of 5.

Out of disk space

Last night the server ran out of disk space while doing a backup.  That affected most of the sites and some services hosted on this server.   I have cleaned up some space since, and made sure that there will be enough of it for the backups to run.  I’ll also keep an eye on it to see if there was some other problem hiding behind the disk space issue.

Apologies to everyone who was affected.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett : Give away half your money!

This is one of those things where nothing that I might say will make it anymore believable.  Heck, even the quote from The Wall Street Journal seems like a hoax:

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett announced today that 40 signers, including at least 30 billionaires and other wealthy families, had officially made the Giving Pledge–a promise to give away more than half their fortunes.

I think they are just trying to prove Chris Rock wrong (from 1:28 and further):


Who’s next in the long list of Oracle acquisitions?

ERP Software Advice has an interesting summary of Oracle’s mergers and acquisitions for the last few years.  Here is an excellent graphical representation:

But not only that.  They are trying to figure out who is the next in line.  If you have an opinion on this matter – vote in their poll.  If you don’t – check the article anyway – it’s pretty cool.

As for me, I am not that well familiar with Oracle’s business, but judging by a few comments here and there, one company that they won’t buy anytime soon is EMC.  If I remember correctly, because there is some personal affair going on.  Or maybe that’s just all rumors and my misunderstanding of it all.