Four years at Qobo

Last week marked my fourth year at Qobo.  Here are the blog posts that cover my first, second, and third years.  And with one more now, I think it’s starting to fall into a trend of crazy years.

Yes, indeed.  The last year has been no different.  There were all the usual components:

  • A tonne of projects!  We’ve done more in numbers, complexity, and variety of projects this year, than before.
  • The team is growing.  And while not everybody stayed, we’ve found some new great people to join the team.  Overall, we are more now than we were a year ago.  And we’ve also expanded the roles.  We have dedicated quality assurance and support people now.
  • New office.  There is an office story every single year.  First we moved the Nicosia office, then we opened a Limassol office, then we opened a London office.   And this year we’ve moved the Limassol office to a larger space, as we couldn’t fit all the new people any more.
  • Technology.  Over the last year we have almost doubled our infrastructure (thanks a lot Amazon AWS).  We’ve played with Docker containers.  We’ve moved from HipChat to Slack (somewhat a forced move, but it was interesting from the technology perspective, as we have a lot of integrations).  And we have grown our Qobrix platform and some of the applications built on top of it significantly (over 160 versions released in a year).

I’ve learned so much, it almost seems that even the last year was a lifetime away.   I’ve enjoyed working with everyone on the team, and even with most of the clients (evil grin).  It’s unbelievable how much we have accomplished this year.

I also think that the next year will be even more interesting and challenging, as we’ll probably need to shift from the current mostly startup-like operation to a more of a settled and predictable one.  Chaos can be very productive, but it’s less so with more people on board.  So I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen this year.

Cheers and thanks to everyone who has been around this year!