– website of the day deserves some kind of title and reward.  I’m giving it a website of the day award, as I’m still stunned for words.

On one hand, it serves as a painful reminder of how the web used to be back in the 90’s.  It got everything from psychedelic background and auto-played music to animated GIFs and mouse hover effects.

On the other hand, it does stand out from all pastel colored material designed websites of today.  Obviously, a lot of work went into building this thing and … somehow … strangely … it works.

Now, please excuse me while I wipe my bloody tears…

P.S.: Yeah it also took me a while to actually prepare that screenshot.  Full-page image was too large.  Cropping it down significantly brought it down to just under 5 MBytes, after which TinyPNG compressed it to just 1.4 MBytes.

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