Google is shutting down Google Code

Google is “Bidding farewell to Google Code“:

When we started the Google Code project hosting service in 2006, the world of project hosting was limited. We were worried about reliability and stagnation, so we took action by giving the open source community another option to choose from. Since then, we’ve seen a wide variety of better project hosting services such as GitHub and Bitbucket bloom. Many projects moved away from Google Code to those other systems. To meet developers where they are, we ourselves migrated nearly a thousand of our own open source projects from Google Code to GitHub.

Personally, I never particularly liked Google Code, but it was nice to see an option being there.  I have, however, been a user of some other Google services that were shut down (still crying at nights for the Google Reader), so I know the feeling.  Hopefully, with enough support, all projects will move over to better alternatives, like GitHub and BitBucket, where the contributions will rise and communities grow.

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