Because they know better …

Cyprus Mail reports:

THE MINISTRY of education has been forced to take action after videos of high school students doing the Harlem Shake have been uploaded onto the internet showing obscene behaviour, the ministry said yesterday.

“The videos show obscene behaviour. Some show students pulling down their trousers and pants,” sources at the ministry of education said.

“We are trying to protect these students because anything that is uploaded onto the internet can stay there forever. The students are children and are not grown-up enough to understand how this can affect their lives in the future. Some students may become doctors or lawyers and these video clips may harm their professional lives in the future,” they added.

This sickens me.  It’s one of those things that the government shouldn’t be anywhere near.  But not only they are watching it close, they are interfering.  Like they know better…

This whole Internet thing is such a huge change for the society, that even people who are leading up the change don’t really know how things are changing and affecting us, and where it is all going.  Yet, the ministry of education in Cyprus seem to have quite a good idea.  And not only that.  They seem to completely ignore parental role in this whole thing.

Oh, and the censorship worked so well with the rest of the Internet stuff …

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