Centralization of air conditioning sux!

6 degrees CelsiusOne of the things that I don’t like in our office is that air conditioners can be centrally controlled – switched on, switched off, temperature preset, etc. I understand the reasons behind this setup, but I still think it sux big time. As an example, consider my today’s night shift. I am alone in the office, noone from the maintenance department is here, and suddenly the temperature outside drops to 6 degree Celsius…

If you don’t get it, let me explain a couple of things to you. Firstly, such low temperatures are really unusual for Cyprus at this time of year. Middle of March is more often seen as a start of spring and general warmth. This year though we even hear rumors of snow falling down in Troodos mountains. Secondly, most of the buildings in Cyprus are not designed to maintain temperature. They get very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Our office is no exception. Fourthly, Cyprus is an island and our office stands right on the shore, which means we have very high humidity. Humidity makes temperatures feel worse than they are.

So, I am sitting in the office wearing all the clothes that I could find, drinking hot tea and coffee, and still freezing my butt. I have a whole bunch of A/C units around me, but I don’t have any means of controlling them. This sux!

In order not to freeze to death I am have no choice but lock myself in the car and warm up in there…

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