Unexpected update : Android 5.0.1

It’s just been a few days since I took a leap of faith and upgraded both my phone and tablet to Android 5.0 (the Lollipop thing).  My feelings about it are mixed though.  On one hand, I love the updated user interface.  It just makes more sense to me and closes some of the very dated rants that you can find in the archives of this blog.  On the other hand, that’s been a rather buggy release.  The things that I’ve noticed are:

  1. Battery life.  Both my phone and my tablet eat more battery now and charge slower.  That’s especially annoying with the phone.  Previously, two hours of commuting every day (one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening) meant that I didn’ t have to charge my phone ever – the charge during the drive was enough.  With Android 5 though, it’s discharging while using the same two apps as before – Waze for navigation and SmartPlayer for audiobooks.
  2. Crashes.  My tablet gets stack with the same games which worked before just fine.
  3. Ringtones reset.  I have two mp3 ringtones on my phone – one I use for all incoming calls, the other for all my alarms.  For some reason, I can only use any ringtone once.  If I try to set the same ringtone for the second alarm, then the first alarm resets ringtone to some random built-in ringtone.  Same happens every time in all kinds of combinations.

But the last few days weren’t enough for me to get too annoyed about it.  Yet.  Quite surprisingly, today a notification for the Android 5.0.1 showed up on my tablet.  I wasn’t even following the news yet to see when it will come out.  That’s pretty cool – hopefully it’ll take care of some of my issues.  If you want to know what’s changed, here is a good coverage.

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  1. cool you’re using waze …
    what data plan you have?
    still looking for something that can offer good price for decent cap (on Cyta prepaid, 200MB per month per 10 eur is outrageous)

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