Spiral in the Norway sky

We’ve all seen pictures of the Northern Lights before, but we haven’t seen anything like this.

Spiral in the Norway sky

Quite a few people observed a spiral (and a spinning one at that) in the Norway sky.  I haven’t seen any good explanations of the phenomena yet, but it’s all over the Internet.  Some of the Norway newspapers are sharing amateur pictures from witnesses.

Via this LiveJournal post (in Russian).

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  1. Friend’s suggestion: Nordic Ionospheric Sounding Rocket Seeding Experiment. Rocket spirals – shooting water vapor outward; thus spiral pattern, followed by a non-vapor center as it dissipates. Question is: wasn’t that launched back in March? And does it even spiral?
    Trail at horizon ( http://www.altaposten.no/lokal.....=8#pageTop ) is consistent with ro

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