Moving the RSS to Feedly

I’ve wrote a few posts on this blog in regards to RSS aggregators and a very unfortunate plug pull on Google Reader last year.  Since then, I’ve been a happy user of Bazqux.  But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying (yes, once again) Feedly and I decided that I finally like it enough to use it as my main RSS aggregator.  The interface has been further polished, the mobile and tablet apps are nicer than those that support Bazqux, and overall it is very pleasant on the eye without being too much in the way.


Gladly, the migration of RSS feeds from one place to another has been sorted out years ago – by simply exporting the list into OPML file and them importing the list at another place.  The only annoyance being the unread items count for a while, but those are quickly updated.

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