Poo colorizer

Today we took Maxim for his 3-weeks pediatrician check. He was measured, tested, checked and looked into. He gained 300 grams since the last examination which was 9 days ago. He didn’t grow even one centimeter though.

It is also about time for Maxim’s hearing test, but dr.Simos is delaying it a bit, since there is still some water in Maxim’s right ear. This can trigger non-perfect results, so it is better to wait a bit until it disappears.

The biggest concern this time was Maxim’s poo color. During the last few days he is crapping with dark green substense more often than usual. As explained by dr.Simos, this is the sign of disbalance in the boy’s food processing department. There are all sorts of bacteria which are responsible for processing different elements, like water and fat. The green color of his poo shows that there are more of some bacteria than there should be and less of the other than there should be. This disbalance could have also caused his sleeping problems recently by the way. To solve the problem we were adviced to give him some medicine. The medicine is called Beneflora and is produced by good people of Ortis. Beneflora is a soluble powder which regulates digestion and “reinforces the body’s defenses”. The can with 125 grams of the substance should be enough for 10-15 days and costs about 3 CYP in any local farmacy.

We’ll try this thing and we’ll see if Maxim’s poo will change its color from the current dark green into a recommended yellowish. I’ll let you know of any changes.

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