Change of perspectives

As I mentioned earlier, I am migrating all my pictures to Flickr.

Previously I was posting only selected images that I considered worthy. It was interesting to see reactions of other people (comments, bookmarks) to those images.

This time, I removed all pictures that I had there, and started from scratch. I started with the oldest albums of 1995, 1996, and so on. I am currently working my way through 2003.

Again, it is interesting to see how other Flickr users react to this images. Since the images I am uploading now are very different (more noise, less post-processing, less quality) from those that I had before, the reactions are different too.

Below are a few examples of what I am talking about.

  • Women are hot!

    Flickr provides the stats regarding which images were seen how many times. When I checked these stats, I realized that images with women in them, are seen by far more often. Pictures of Olga were the most popular. And among Olga’s pictures, those where she was wearing a mini-scirt, or where was on the beach were at the most top. Pictures of other women were very popular too. Women pictures occupied about 160 first positions from the 200 positions in the stats.

  • Passions are important.

    A couple of really ugly pictures were marked as someone else’s favourites. One was the blurry image of a flower. Another was a bunch of grapes. Both of these images are very poorly executed. In fact, they survived by chance – I used to save all pictures, no matter how bad they were. Not anymore. So, this images were meant to be deleted. Gladly they weren’t. Because now they provide satisfaction to someone somewhere across the Internet. Interesting to note that those people who marked these images as “favourites” have excellent taste and choose images carefully, judging by their other “favourites”.

  • A man has to be naked and cooking to be liked by women.

    An overstatement probably, but I didn’t know how to put it any better. Out of all pictures of guys that I have posted, only one sturred up some interest. It was a picture of topless Vladimir cooking mussles. A few hours later, this statement was proven wrong, when someone marked this portrait of Lev as a favourite.

Stats were always a lot of fun. Now, in the age of social webservices, they are even more so.

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