GitHub’s Data Challenge II winners announced

GitHub, being a massive data store, is constantly looking for new and improved ways of extracting knowledge from its data.

In April we announced the second annual GitHub data challenge.


After receiving some amazing entries in the previous challenge, we were excited to see what people would discover with another year of data. The results blew us away: we saw many more entrants and novel applications of our data. GitHubbers ranked their favorite entries, and after tallying the votes, we’re happy to announce the top 3 entries for the 2013 GitHub data challenge.

The second place (Popular Convention by Outsider) and third place (open source contributions by location by David Fischer) winners are very nice.  But the first place winner is truly amazing (The Open Source Report Card, by Dan Foreman-Mackey).  It’s an excellent combination of data crunching with beautiful presentation.  Of course, you’ll need some publicly visible repositories and contributions to see anything interesting, but once you do, it’s quite impressive.  Have a look at mine, for example.

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