Fahrenheit 9/11

Thanks to the virtues of the Internet and those who can properly use them, today I watched the “Fahrenheit 9/11“. The quality of the copy was way behind that of a DVD or a movie projection, but it was enough to get the idea, since I couldn’t wait anymore. And it’s a documentary, not the latest masterpiece on computer graphics.

Anyway, the film is very strong. Problems of world piece (or war for that matter) don’t touch me deep enough, but this film manage to get inside me and get me thinking all over the place. I don’t care if all the facts stated in the movie are true or not. I am not going to check them anyway. There are thousands of nerds to do so already. It does fit on my scale of things though. Reflecting on the issues presented in the film requires me to think first, so I will not write anything now on those issues. Instead – I’ll talk about the film.

It is not as “funny” as “Bowling for Colombine” was. There is some of Moore’s humour, but issues discussed are not that funny anymore. There is an amasing amount of video footage. I mean it took Michael Moore only two years to produce this film, but it is almost unbelievable how many tapes he went through. That was some work! I cannot comment on the soundtrack yet, because I haven’t heard it due to a bad copy. Maybe I’ll add something here, when I’ll get the film on DVD.

Overall the film seems to be much more polished and organized if compared with Colombine. It feels that Michael earned a lot of experience. There are some really nice touches, like a sound only coverage of 9/11, a piece of movie about American police, and the western piece with Bush & Co. I do recommend for everyone to see it as it does provide a lot of brain food. I myself will get it on DVD together with Colombine.

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