Maxim is moving out

Maxim is an adult now. Or amost. At least he is old and mature enough to move out. Out of our bedroom. Yes, that’s right – today we moved him to his own room. It was standing there empty, stocking all sorts of useless stuff since it lost its status of the server room sometime in January of this year.

Our pediatrician suggested that it is about time for Maxim to get into his own space. Olga and I were discussing the issue for some time, as I already mentioned before. The thing is that the room that we gave to Maxim doesn’t have enough light. It is dark there most of the time. I don’t consider it to be very good for him and Olga tends to agree. We were considering to move our bedroom into that room and leave our current place to Maxim as it is on the sunny side of the building and has two sources of light – a window and glass door to the balcony.

After much consideration we decided no to move our bedroom. At least for now. Maxim is not spending a lot of time in the bedroom anyway. He mostly lives in the … khm.. living room. It will continue to be so for some time to come too. When he will decide that he wants to stay in his room, we’ll think about swapping rooms.

Anyway, this is a big day for the little guy. We cleaned everything and moved in his furniture. He doesn’t seem to worry much about the change, but that is rather preliminary opinion as he needs to spend a night or two to understand what happened.

Olga and I need to get used to the new setup aswell. We had a set of nice routines for feedings, bathing, etc that we could perform without any thinking. From now on we have to “make the way” again. We also have to get used to the space that we regained in our bedroom. I for one never thought that our bedroom was big. After we squizzed in Maxim’s bed and a changing table I thought that the room was tiny. But now when we moved Maxim’s things out it seems to me to be as big as a football field. I’ve measured some empty spaces and it appears that we can put a bookcase in there without loosing much of the free spaces. The bookcase is currently staying in Maxim’s room, but will have to be moved later when more spaces will be needed.

I’m glad that I made a picture of Maxim’s bedroom back when it still was a server room. I will make another picture one of these days and it will be nice to compare the two. Until then stay tuned…

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