Favorite historical character

Once in a while I come across the question of who is my favorite historical character.  Sometimes, it’s over a discussion with friends. Other times, it’s as simple as a security question on a weird web form.

If you ask me blindly, straight up, no thinking, I’d have to say that Winston Churchill is my number one favorite historical character.  He was an iconic leader, very smart and powerful man.  But with that, he also had a great sense of humor.  He also smoked cigars and drank plenty of alcohol, and, somehow, managed to live until he was 90 years old.  Oh, and he didn’t like math.

My other favorite historical character is Benjamin Franklin.  Again, a very smart and powerful man, with common origins.  I have the most respect for his scientific and social advances, as well as the inventions.  The thought about all those things that he started that we still use and rely on today amazes me every time.

My third, and most recent addition to the  favorite historical person pool is Nikola Tesla, aka the electrical Jesus.  And even though I knew who he was and some of what he’s done before, I have to thank this Drunk History video for pushing Tesla way up my list.


So, that’s me.  Who’s your favorite and, most importantly, why?

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