I blew it with the revenge

I had a good opportunity to get a sweet revenge today, but I totally blew it. And now I don’t like myself very much.

As you might know I am working a lot of night shifts these days. That’s all good because I was the one to choose such a schedule. There is one downside though. There are only a couple of guys who are changing me in the morning. And one of these guys can’t ever wake up before 7:00am, when he is supposed to come. So for the last couple of years he was always late. He came anywhere from ten minutes to an hour later. Every time.

Today though there was a different scenario. It happened that he was doing a night shift and I was supposed to come in the morning and change him. I was very glad when I saw this in the schedule. In fact, I got so excited that I sent him an email describing how late I will come and how good that will feel to me and how misarable he feel to actually call me in the morning and beg me to wake up. You can imagine.

And what do I do? Yes, you are right. I totally forget that I am changing him and I set my alarm clock for 6:20. 6:59 I am in the office. When I saw that it was him in the office, I was SO pissed off with myself! How stupid can I be? DAMN IT!

Actually, I almost did The Grand Stupidity today and it was only by luck that I managed to avoid it.

I woke up about 2 o’clock in the morning and for some reason I thought that it was morning already. I was brushing my teeth, thinking how badly I wanted to sleep, when I heard that Maxim woke up. Olga than woke up too. She also thought that it was morning and time to get up. I guess, me brushing my teeth had something to do with it. The good thing is that Olga is still graphing Maxim’s daily routines – how long he sleeps, when he eats, and stuff like that. She checked that watches before updating the graphs and saw that it was freaking 2:00am!

Imagine how much I would have to hate myself if I came to the office five hours before I had to and seven hours earlier than I planed to. Boy, that would have to be something major!

Anyway, I don’t think that I’ll get another chance to get my revenge. The guy will be careful from now on and will try to avoid being changed by me. To catch him, I will have to do some serious mocking up with the schedule which will screw up my life pretty hard. And I don’t want that. Not just yet.

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  1. When I saw that it was him in the office, I was SO pissed off with myself!

    Hmm I wonder what his reaction was, he must’ve been pleasantly surprised after seeing your previous email :-)

    Btw nice new layout of your blog!

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