Pain and hunger

My last year’s diet was a huge surprise for my own body.  I caught it unexpected.  It never thought I could do something like this to it.  But I did.  It lost the battle then.   Though it learned the lessons…

Getting back to gym is a challenge this time.  I am getting exhausted way before I start any exercises at all.  And it’s not just lazyness. It’s physical.  My heart is jumping out, my breathing is all broken, my pressure is doing trigonometry… and stuff like that.  And any muscle activity causes pains.  Immediate and then some more of those that stick for a few days.

Additionally to that, I get hunger.  And I mean Hunger.  I’m hungry every moment of day and night.  I can finish my breakfast, and go straight for lunch and dinner.  I can have three lunches.  I can do them 10 minutes apart.  And I can make them XXL-sized.

These reactions are of course part of my body’s defense mechanism.  They want me to stop all this physical training stuff, and just eat more food, so that reserves could be made.  Winter lies ahead.  And there should be a way to get back those 20 kilos too…

Doing less this time takes more effort on my side.  But there is no way back.  I’m not going to surrender.  Because if I do it once, there will be an endless supply of reasons to do it again.

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