Day in brief – 2011-11-01

  • New #GoogleReader is being deployed. I got a 'Welcome' screen and now it 'Takes too long'. I can wait, I guess. #
  • Auditors are funny. Suits, ties, notepads, pens. Walking around our office. This is IT. Check. This is marketing. Check. This is .. Check. #
  • I'm not a big fan of the new #GoogleReader design. I feel lost and disoriented. I hope it's just a matter of getting used to. #
  • I'm trying #CakePHP i18n with poEdit. It's not that bad for a small project. On the bigger one I'd be lost, I guess. #
  • @timdetone I've never been a big fan of gettext. It's a powerful system, but it doesn't work that well for web applications. #
  • @timdetone No, it doesn't. My biggest problem with it is that translations are separated from the app admin interface. #
  • @timdetone whatever way you approach translations, it's a nasty business :) #
  • @timdetone There should be one somewhere. So many people have the same problem. Import .pot file, edit, save .po/.mo file. Sounds easy. #
  • #GoogleReader new design boosted my productivity. I'm not reading news and blogs anymore. #

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